NBC Scene Showcase

As part of its ongoing commitment to diversity, NBCUniversal will produce a live performance Scene Showcase in June in Los Angeles, and September in New York City. The showcase intends to feature actors, writers and directors of diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQ actors and Performers with Disabilities. The one-day live theatrical showcase is performed for executives, producers, casting directors, and other industry professionals.

We usually open auditions in the first quarter of the year for Los Angeles, and the second quarter of the year for New York.

To watch for updates on when we will open 2017 auditions, please follow the NBCUNI TIPS Facebook page.




Using scripts from written by alumni from our programs, we audition actors for the showcase. Once we cast actors, we will hire directors.  They are typically selected from our pool of directors from the NBCUniversal Emerging Director Program finalists and award-winning NBCUniversal Short Film Festival directors.

A live theatrical showcase will take place once in Los Angeles, and once in New York.  These two showcases have separate casts and directors.


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