What an outstanding year for Film Making!

A total of over 1700 short films were submitted to this years festival and the challenge was boiling it down to 14 semi-finalists.

A representative from each film was flown to New York City for a public screeningteh SVA Theater in Midtown Manhattan.

The evening was hosted by a very familiar face from Extra!, AJ Calloway.
And covering the red carpet was NBC’s Last Comic Standing Star, Zainab Johnson.



1. Crescendo
Director/Writer: Alonso Alvarez

Cast: Montserrat Espadalé, Frank Arend, Patrick Nuo, Brad Potts, Jennifer Cadena, Anita Beck, Ali Landry

Logline: In the 18th century Holy Roman Empire, a series of events will turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience for a woman whose life will never be the same.

2. Hypebeasts

Director/Writer: Jess dela Merced

Cast: Michael Rosete, Jake Choi, Jess dela Merced, Trevon Davis, Jeanette Dilone, Michael Galante, Grizz Chapman, Rich Pecci, Khalid Rivera, Nathaly Lopez, Joshua Rivera, Bryan Fitzgerald, Stephen James Anthony, Fetti D’Biasi

Logline: A boy’s desire to cop the most coveted pair of sneakers is quickly replaced with the fear that he and his sister are in serious danger when racial tensions explode in an overnight sneaker line in NYC.

3. Grief

Director: George Bessudo    Writer: Jesse David Ing

Cast: Kimberly Dollar, Reid Warner, Jaeden Lieberher, Asher Bank

Logline:A young couple coping with the death of their only son, is haunted by a malevolent spirit in their house.

4. Rattlefly

Director: Min Ding Writers: Min Ding & Yen-Chiao Huang

Cast: Maren Lord, Sadie Scott, Deema Aitken, Sheilagh Weymouth, Greg Seel

Logline: Sara, a small-town teenage girl with a dead-end existence who finds short-lived hope when she falls in love with the new pastor’s luminous daughter.

5. Seventh Grade

Director/Writer: Stefani Saintonge

Cast: Maxine Turenne, Mia Guzman, Ashe Davis, Khristen Gordon, Eric Bassant

Logline: Everyone is growing up except Patrice. But when a raunchy rumor threatens her best friend’s reputation, she’s forced to join the party and embrace adolescence.

6. Interstate

Director/Writer: Camille Stochitch

Cast:Benny Nieves, Gina Rodriguez, Max Arciniega, Roberto Montesinos, Laura Patalano, Aldo Ceceña, Darren La Borie

Logline: Joaquin has been teaching illegal immigrants how to drive, until an HSI agent shows up at his door. Will he save or give up those he has been helping?

7. Voicemail

Director/Writer: Thomas Fraser

Cast: Simone Missick, Thomas Fraser

Logline: A man comes home from vacation to find that he has 20 voicemails from the same person.



1. The Incident(s) at Paradise Bay

Director: Lorne Hiltser Writer: Nate Crocker

Cast:Bobby Soto, Peter Holden, Daniel Stewart, James Logan, Kevin Flint

Logline: Some kids get detention, some kids starve in a steel cage under the hot sun with no water all day.

2. Hunger

Director: Brian Frager Writer: James Fant

Cast:London Vale, Kristin Coffman, Paula Bellamy-Franklin, Hap Lawrence, Heather Wynters, Charles Anteby, Lowell Dean, Zack Ketz,  Joseph Steven, Michael Banks, Chen Huang, Giles Clarke

Logline: A desperate mother tries to protect her disturbed young daughter on the run, but their dark past threatens to ensnare them.

3. Los Santos

Director/Writer: Coraly Santaliz

Cast:Ricardo Alvarez, Lynnette Salas, José Jorge Medina, Nancy Millán, Eddie Valdés, Filomena Saura, Danny Salinas, Roger Guzmán

Logline: How many Saints are out there?

4. #nightslikethese

Director/Writer: Hannah Macpherson

Cast: Amber Midthunder, Shay Eyre, Kenneth Miller

Logline: When a night’s escapade takes a disturbing turn for two teen girls, we learn just how disconnected and desensitized social media has made them.

5. Bombshell

Director/Writer: Erin Sanger

Cast: Sofi Choinski, Logan Riley Bruner, Shane Nepveu, Tristan Alan, Store Employee, Carolyn Slesinski, Katie Schafer, Mackenzie Brooke Taylor

Logline: A ten year-old tomboy must weigh her loyalty to her trusted older brother as the siblings become complicit in a hate crime.

6. Drudge

Director/Writer: Kheireddine El-Helou

Cast: Jessica Mann, Cameron Simmons

Logline: What was supposed to be a romantic night in for a young couple, quickly turns into a terrifying encounter with Drudge.

7. Paulie

Director: Andrew Nackman Writer: David Lee

Cast: Ethan Dizon, Hardy Gatlin, Jay Pennick, Jarid Root, Judy Durning, Christine Kellogg, Sawyer Valin

Logline: A comedy about eating dirt, the Dewey Decimal system and finishing school as quickly as possible.

Film Stills


2014 NBCUniversal Short Film Festival Semi-Finalists (Poster Slide Show) from NBC Talent Development Programs on Vimeo.


Diversity Week in New York

NBC Entertainment’s Programming Talent Development & Inclusion Department Hosts Annual NYC Diversity Week

Week Included StandUp NBC, NBC Short Film Festival & The Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) Showcase

NBC Entertainment hosted their annual NYC Diversity Week at Gotham Comedy Club, SVA Theatre and UCB East from August 18-21, 2014. The week showcased the NBC Entertainment’s Programming Talent Development & Inclusion Department efforts to increase diversity in front of and behind-the-camera.

The three featured initiatives were StandUp NBC, a nationwide search for stand-up comedians, whose past participants included Tone Bell (NBC’s Bad Judge) and Ron Funches (NBC’s Undateable). NBC’s Short Film Festival was a two-day semi-final film screening, where festival filmmakers have gone on to have their material developed within NBC and actors have been cast on NBC’s pilots and series. UCB Showcase promotes diversity in the comedic arts, to provide diversity scholarships.

Each event was open to all including NBC executives, agents, managers, casting directors, as well as other comedians, and filmmakers.

“NBC Entertainment’s Program Talent Development & Inclusion department’s Diversity week is just a sample of our year-round efforts to seek, showcase and nurture new, up & coming talent. From these events, talent can go on to enjoy exposure not only throughout the NBC Universal family – but within the entertainment industry as a whole.” – Karen Horne, Vice PresidentProgramming Talent Development & InclusionNBC Entertainment & Universal Television

ABFF Winners Announced



This year over 900 actors submitted for the chance to win a co-star role on NBC’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES.


After intense Callbacks at the 2014 American Black Film Festival, we brought to the stage 2 dynamite stars:






*BFA North Carolina State 




*BFA Carnegie Mellon

StandUp NBC Auditions

In its 11th consecutive year, StandUp NBC went to NEW YORK CITY!  Early in the morning on August 16th, comedians lined up on the sidewalks of 23rd Street, and may have turned some pedestrians’ heads.  Sleeping bags, yoga mats, and folding chairs lined the doors of the Gotham Comedy Club.  Some of the Tri-State area’s most promising comedians hoped to make the cut-off for the annual open call.

Network Judges at the table included Beth Klein, SVP of Casting for Universal Television & Sahara Sushue, Manager for NBC Alternative Programming, & America’s Got Talent.

After two strong days of punchlines and call backs, 13 semi-finalists were selected!




Shawn Jackson

Sam Jay 

Ricky Velez 

Marcia Belsky 

LeClerc Andre 

Langston Kerman 

Katrina Braxton 

Joel Kim Booster 

Emma Willmann 

Amanda Seales 

Alingon Mitra 

John Nguyen

Luis J. Gomez 


After the showcase, that very same night, several of the comedians were directly contacted by agents & managers who are looking to sign!

Some of these magnificent comics will be invited back in Los Angeles this Fall for the FINALS ROUND – DECEMBER 3rd…  But no finalists will be determined until we visit our last town in September,  SAN FRANCISCO!