StandUp NBC Auditions

In its 11th consecutive year, StandUp NBC went to NEW YORK CITY!  Early in the morning on August 16th, comedians lined up on the sidewalks of 23rd Street, and may have turned some pedestrians’ heads.  Sleeping bags, yoga mats, and folding chairs lined the doors of the Gotham Comedy Club.  Some of the Tri-State area’s most promising comedians hoped to make the cut-off for the annual open call.

Network Judges at the table included Beth Klein, SVP of Casting for Universal Television & Sahara Sushue, Manager for NBC Alternative Programming, & America’s Got Talent.

After two strong days of punchlines and call backs, 13 semi-finalists were selected!




Shawn Jackson

Sam Jay 

Ricky Velez 

Marcia Belsky 

LeClerc Andre 

Langston Kerman 

Katrina Braxton 

Joel Kim Booster 

Emma Willmann 

Amanda Seales 

Alingon Mitra 

John Nguyen

Luis J. Gomez 


After the showcase, that very same night, several of the comedians were directly contacted by agents & managers who are looking to sign!

Some of these magnificent comics will be invited back in Los Angeles this Fall for the FINALS ROUND – DECEMBER 3rd…  But no finalists will be determined until we visit our last town in September,  SAN FRANCISCO!